What’s planned for the rest of 2017?

So the idea of seeing more of our wonderful planet came to me half way through the year. This post will be all about my planned destinations I’m going to visit before the year is out! I have 6 destinations in mind and can’t wait to visit them, then share them with you.



So we’ll kick off with somewhere I’ve been before, but this time I’m going to do it properly. This time I plan to sample everything Amsterdam has to offer. Wonderful food and drink options, such as salted herring, waffles galore and of course, the beer! I’ll visit the botanical gardens, the coffee shops, the museums and completely engross myself in the culture. Also, this will be the first time I’ll be visiting in high summer, so a lazy afternoon canal boat tour will be on the agenda!



Wanting to really explore all the UK has to offer, Dublin has been on my list of places to visit for a while. I’ll be trying to cram in all the city has to offer in 3 days. Ireland has so much to giev and will definitely be exploring it more in the future, but Dublin will be a good taster. I’ll be visiting the Guinness Storehouse, the name says it all really. Temple Bar, one of Dublin many famous pubs. Trinity College Library, which might not sound exciting but wait for the pics! Dublin castle and the botanical gardens will also be on the checklist.



It’s going to be a hot one. 4 days of exploring in and around Marrakech. I’ve heard the best way to really enjoy this city is to get completely lost among the souks and market squares. I’m a real foody, so this trip will be a flavour sensation. Visiting various palaces and places of religious significance will be on the list. Architecture in Marrakech is something to really appreciate. Hopefully I’ll hop on a camel, time permitting!


St michael's mOUNT

Cornwall has a fond place in my heart. Many family holidays have been spent down at the bottom of England. So this time I’ll be undertaking a road trip. I’ll start in Padstow, an amazingly picturesque seaside town. I’ll spend the day on a nearby beach, Constantine Bay. My tent will serve as accommodation that night, before an early rise of the way down the east coast towards St Ives. This is a place my dad spent many summers as a child, so exploring the streets and soaking up the sun will be on the agenda. That night will be spent in a little BnB on the seafront.

From there, I’ll wind my way across the county, and make my way up the west coast through Mevagissey, towards St Austell where I’ll visit the Eden Project. The final day will be spent in and around Plymouth, where I’ll hopefully catch Plymouth Argyle FC play, my team!




This is the big trip of 2017. I’ll be spending 8 days in Southern India, travelling through the tropical backwaters from Kochi to Varkala. India has never been a country that, prior to a bit more research, appealed to me all that much. But having seen a couple of YouTube travel documentaries on the southern part of the county, I fell in love. It looks stunning. I’ll be staying in various family/group accommodation along the journey, learning local traditions and visiting stunning beaches. This is the big trip of the year and cannot wait to share it with you!



Another country I’ve been meaning to visit for a number of years. We have family friends that live in Nuremberg, so I’ll start my 4 day adventure there. The train will take me up to Munich where I’ll be spending the next 3 days exploring. Germany in December is all about the Christmas markets. I am so excited for the food and drink, which will become apparent are big things in my life! I’ll be taking part in a walking tour, soaking up the rich history of Munich’s past.


So, that’s the roundup of what’s to come in 2017. Destinations may switch months, as plans are forever changing. But I think that will be the plan. The next 6 months will be the birth of this blog and hopefully, you’ll like what you read! More pics from my adventures will be up on my instagram page.. nickgoeswandering, so be sure to give it a like to see what I’m up to!


2 Comments on “What’s planned for the rest of 2017?

  1. Sounds like a pretty good plan for the rest of 2017! Would highly recommend trying the gingerbread in Nuremberg if that’s your sort of thing (their speciality is “Elisenlebkuchen”, which is a flourless variety). The free guided tours run in Dublin (often in conjunction with the main hostels) are really good too for getting an overview of the city.

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