A view to a grill..

The warmer evenings are finally upon us, it can only mean one thing. Fire and food. Every summer I come up to this spot for a little (controlled) fire. This time I was with a couple of mates, armed with burgers.

As the flames slowly charred the wood, burning it down to embers, it was time to start cooking. Bear Grylls would be proud. The burgers sizzling away, in proper BBQ style as the flames lapped at them, giving them a smokey flavour. The only thing that dampened our spirits was the lack of ketchup. We’ll know for next time. They tasted alright, what do you think?

Golden brown..

The food was gone, time to appreciate the sunset. Evening walkers came and went as they gazed upon the setting sky. With the tunes playing, we stoked the fire for some heat. As the sun set, the flames grew higher. Luckily, we didn’t fall in to the burning ring of fire.. (I couldn’t resist!) These are the times in life to just relax and think. Appreciate everything we have and think upon the good times to come.


These are the chilled evenings with friends we look back on and remember. Toasty and contented, I started to look ahead to my up coming trips. The heat and madness of Marrakech and the chill and magic of the Nuremberg Christmas market. Good times ahead indeed and I can’t wait to share those experiences with you. This blog was started with the intention of documenting my adventures. But also to help share from my travels. Who knows, some of you may find some stuff interesting and helpful in your own travelling lives!


They gave me permission to use this, so I’m in the clear. Thanks for a great evening guys, same time next week?

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