Autumn in a nutshell..

A month has now passed since the wonder of Marrakech and the summer is well and truly behind us. Autumn is in full swing and it’s being welcomed with opened arms. The trees seem to compete against one another for the best set of colours before they give up for another year. There was always a magic about autumn growing up. Conker wars, chestnut collecting, Halloween and bonfire night.


This picture was taken on a walk near to my grandparents house. I have probably walked this route nearly a thousand times (no exaggeration). The ever-changing seasons paint a different picture each year. Autumn’s picture is my favourite.


Next year I’ll hopefully be visiting Canada for the first time. Autumn, or Fall as they call it  out there, look absolutely incredible. It also coincides with the beginning of the ice hockey season. Winning! Walking through wooded forests surrounded by massive golden and red maple leaves, possibly spotting a couple of bears foraging for their winter supplies is the dream.


Whist on these Autumn adventures, my mind turns to my upcoming travels overseas. Next month I’ll be driving part of Ireland’s west coast, along the wild Atlantic way. This is said to be one of the most picturesque drives in the whole world. Having that sense of escape and being at one with the natural world is something I live for. Hopefully the weather will allow for some photography practice! I’ll be driving from Shannon, down the coast towards Cork. I wanted to do something other than the traditional Dublin visit, going to the Guinness distillery and wearing a shamrock hat.


If you missed what I got up to last month in Marrakech, check it out here!

To keep up with all my travels, visit my Instagram.


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