Wandering with the camera..


Winter in England usually involves terrible weather for 3 months of the year. Which is all well and good, until your hobbies involve bracing the elements of the great outdoors. I guess if it’s cycling, or bird watching, you can put on some wet weather gear. But when it’s photography, trying to keep a fairly expensive camera dry makes it a little less appealing. So you’ve got to make the most of any hours of sunshine that present themselves. Even a cloudy, overcast sky is a blessing if it stays dry!

There have been some locations close to my house in which I’ve decided to experiment with over the last few months. The featured picture of this post is of the boat house on Cut Mill pond in Elstead, Surrey.


It was around this time last year in which I purchased my Sony a6000. Looking back on pictures from trips gone by I can see my skills slowly developing. Frames being thought about before the shot is taken. I find going back to the same location very satisfying for developing your skills. Bettering the picture you took last time and understanding why.


A lot of what I take pictures of, especially near to my house seem to feature water. Water brings so many elements to a picture, reflection being the main one for me. Before taking a picture I look for something more, something that will capture the imagination. The branches in this shot look like they’re about to drag the fence down to the depths of the pond.

With any hobby, whether it’s a sport you’ve played for years, or something you’re trying for the first time, to get better – you need to practice. Even when the tide is against you, again using the bad weather as an example, that you think what’s the point and that nothing will come of it? You may surprise yourself.


For a brief, fleeting moment the sun decided to appear from behind a cloud at Frensham Little Pond. I just so happened to have my camera in place, so when the light came through it made for a satisfying shot. Shame the branches were there, but we can’t have it all can we? Further on round the pond you get a nice view of a little bungalow, next to the National Trust cafe they have there.


I plan on coming back to these places when the warmer weather comes. It will be a relief to get a good couple of hours playing with the camera after work, rather than coming home to darkness! Winter sunsets can be a pretty sight too, but you might find yourself shivering to get that shot.


Churt common has been one of my favourite local jaunts for camera practice of late. The rugged terrain of flinty sand means a hilly environment with some nice panoramic opportunities. That will be something I’ll try later in the year.

Alongside all these wonderful places near to me, I am planning a couple of trips further away from home. There will be another visit to the Lake District this year after falling in love with it in 2017. Where I’ll stay is undecided but Ullswater looks a nice area? If you have any suggestions let me know! I also want to go on a bit of road trip around Cornwall. Spending a lot of time there as a child on family holiday’s, I want to explore and appreciate it in depth. There is so much to see.

Trips that I have planed over sea’s so far include Paris and Bergen. Both should be a great opportunity for some panoramic shots, especially from the top of the Eiffel Tower, if the queues aren’t too long!

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