Surrey County Show – 2017

It’s that time of the year again. The Surrey County Show. Ever since I was little I can remember waiting each year for the show to come around. To visit all the animals, see the old farm machinery and eat as many sweets as I could before I felt ill. As the years have passed, the enthusiasm for the show is still there. So here is a little taste of the show and what goes on.


Something I now really appreciate watching are the bullock and cow judging events. Months of preparing these amazing beasts for size and coat health, all comes down to this event. Some will be sold on as prime breeding stock, others to private collections. All I know is, it’s taken VERY seriously.


I think number 1215 won the 1st place rosette. He had a certain swagger about him.


It’s not just cattle that are competing at the show. Everything from sheep, pigs and goats of all sizes. Usually chickens too, although this year due to the avian influenza outbreak over the Christmas period they were not at this years show. Better to be safe than sorry.

Chickens off the agenda, birds of prey had their time to shine. This year saw the addition of some more exotic species, like this vulture!



Every year birds of prey make an appearance, taking part in live displays that captivate the crowds. Swooping low overhead in search of a meaty treat. Without fail, there’s always that one stubborn bird that decides the top of a nearby oak tree is much more entertaining.

Birds are known performers, given there is a reward at the end of it. Would you believe me if I told you sheep are no different? No, they don’t fly. They dance!



This crazy Aussie, a sheep shearer now based in the south of England is a crowd favourite at the show each year with his routine. Essentially the act is a selection of fancy sheep breeds of the British Isles and abroad, that dance. I use the term “dance” very loosely. They move back and forward and tap their hooves in time, sort of, to music. Still, it’s always very amusing when one misbehaves.

It draws in all sorts of celebrities.



I hope you’ve enjoyed my little ramble about the show. I’ll try to add these little day trips to the blog in-between the big adventures abroad.

Be sure to check out my Instagram to see what else I got up to at the show!

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